PE 145

PE 146

PE 148

e-Jal™ Mini - Portable Multiparameter Water Quality Analyzers

Portable Devices for Water Quality Testing

The E-jal Mini range of Portable Water Quality Analyzers are Elico’s latest innovative devices that address the critical needs of water quality testing. The compact and robust design enables ease of testing water anywhere and everywhere, whether rural or urban, industrial or domestic, with immediate and accurate results. Cloud storage of data enables the user to utilize the analytics in employing suitable interventions to ensure purity and quality of water for domestic, agricultural or industrial consumption.
Applicable Industries
Pre-Programmed Water Methods
Pre-Calibrated For Water Parameters
Tablet/Powder Reagents

(Shelf life of 2 Years)

Battery Operated

(18hrs on Full Charge)

Online Data Transfer & Cloud Storage

5.3 X 3.6 X 4.1 inches

Transfer data to JJM-WQMIS Server
Operation thru Mobile App
Step by Step Guidance to the User
Multi Language Support

( English, Hindi, etc. )

Elico’s E-jal Mini range of Analyzers are pre-calibrated with pre-programmed water testing methods. Testing is done with ready to use Reagents which greatly improves the turnaround time and accuracy of the results.

The Analyzers that are Bluetooth® enabled and can be operated through an Android® base Mobile App are simple to use and cost-effective, eliminating the complexities involved in water quality monitoring.

PE 148

4 Parameters

PE 145

5 Parameters

PE 146

8 Parameters

Accessories Supplied along with the Analyzer

  1. Hard Top Carrying Case
  2. 2 No’s of 24mm Vials
  3. 2 No’s of 16mm Vials (For PE-148 Only)
  4. 1 No – USB Type C – Charger
  5. E-Jal Mini Mobile App to be downloaded from the Android® App Store
  6. Mobile Phone Stand
  7. Reagents (As per customers’ specific requirements)


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