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5” inch high resolution display

Determines all important soil parameters pH, Conductivity, Nitrate, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Aluminum, Ammonia, Chloride, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Sulphate, Zinc, Boron

Provides crop and soil specific fertilizer recommendations directly to the farmer though SMS/Mobile app

Local Storage for more than 1000 samples

Supports state of the art tablets reagents, Tablets remain the most consistent and reliable reagent format available, consistently outperforming other reagent formats with longer shelf life.

Support USB, Bluetooth, NFC and 3G/4G Communication

In-Built Pre-Programed Methods

Integrated complete workflow solution from Sample Collection to Crop Recommendations

Capture Geo-Coordinates from Field using NFC Tags & E-Mrittika Mobile App

Centralized Cloud Data Storage

Access data anywhere anytime

The Process of Soil Testing



Each Sample Holder with NFC Tag is programmed with a Unique ID.


Soil Sample is collected from the fields. The soil is collected in the sample holder with the NFC tag attached to it.


Through Mobile App, Geo Co-ordinates are identified and saved.


The necessary soil profile information along with Geo location is Transferred to NFC tag


The soil sample is transported to the place where the Analysis is to be performed


During the procedure, at the first, the E-Mrittika instrument reads all the soil information from the NFC tag


Soil Sample analysis is performed on E-Mrittika. There are 14 important soil parameter analysis which can be performed


Once the soil analysis is done, the data is Transferred from E-Mrittika to the cloud. It can be accessed from anywhere


Through Cloud, the Data Analysis & Recommendations are done. The Reports are further passed to the right personnels.

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