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PE-138, Microprocessor based Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyser. Measures directly pH, EMF, Temperature, Electrolyte Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Dissolve Oxygen (DO) & Salinity, Colorimetric, Abs./%T and Turbidity in Water Sample one at a time.


Table Top
LED Display
DO Probe
  • Light weight, Portable and Easy to carry on field
  • Unique DO measurement in Air saturated waters using Conventional Polarographic Probe.
  • Programmable Calibration upto 3 points for pH with Memory Back-up.
  • Userful for Potentiometric & Redox measurements.
  • Automatic / Manual Temperature Compensation.
  • Accurate & Highly Stable.
  • Elegantly styled into a Briefcase for operational convenience in Field.
  • Operates on Rechargeable Battery & Mains Supply.


PARAMETERpHEMF (mV)Temp (°C)Salinity
Range0 to 14±1999.90 to 1000 to 40 ppt
SensorCE/GE & RECE/GE & RESemiconductorISE (Cl) & RE
ReceptacleBNC, BananaBNC, BananaBananaBNC
Temp. Compensation0 to 100°C A/M0 to 50°C A/M
Range0 to 200mS, 5 ranges0 to 100 ppt 5 ranges at TDS factor 0.50 to 20±2 Abs., 0 to 100 %T0 to 100 NTU**
Readability0.05 % of range0.05 % of range0.10.001 Abs0.1
Accuracy±1% of range±1% of range±0.1±0.05 Abs±2%
Repeatablility±0.5 % of range±0.5 % of range±0.1±0.01 Abs±1%
SensorConductivity CellConductivity CellPolarographicSilicon PhotoDiodeSilicon PhotoDiode
Impedance@25°C1 KHz Sine Wave1 KHz Sine WaveDC VoltageTungsten LampTungsten Lamp
Temp. Compensation0 to 50°C A/M0 to 50°C A/M0 to 100°C A/M

 * Conforms to IS2711-1979.
** Based on Formazine (Hydrazine Suphate and Hexamine) Standard

(1) Depending on the Standards
(2) Excluding 300 mm height electrode stand of 0.1 kg weight.

A : Automatic

GE : Glass Electrode

CE : Combined pH Electrode

M : Manual

RE : Reference Electrode

ISE : Ion Selective Electrode

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