Multiparameter Analyzer for Water Treatment Plants

Simple and exact water analysis – a compact measurement & monitoring system

Potable and Palatable water needs to be supplied in requisite quantities to communities around water treatment plants and Elico's AquaSense WTP - Multi parameter Analyzer is a convenient tool to monitor water quality at Water Treatment Plants (WTP).

The Five essential parameters that can be tracked and analysed simultaneously are pH, TDS, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine (RC) and Alkalinity.

A Web-based configurable dashboard is available, to observe round the clock, with data outputs at specified time intervals. Data sets can be stored locally and uploaded automatically to a cloud server. The water sample trends can be monitored to gain insights.
Applicable Industries
Simultaneous measurement of all the 5 parameters
7” color touch panel Auto Ranging & Calibration
Reliable, Low maintenance design
Programable Relays and Alarms
Integrated GPS & 4G Modules





Residual Chlorine


  1. Intuitive operation as well as easy visualization of all measured parameters via a 7” colour touch panel
  2. State of the art communication possibilities via an Ethernet, RS 485, GPRS & USB
  3. Simultaneous measurement of all the 5 parameters
  4. Auto Ranging & Calibration
  5. Configurable Alerts & Notifications
  6. Programable Relays and Alarms
  7. Daily or weekly trend curves for individual or multiple parameters in a single graph
  8. Upload data to the cloud server via GPRS/3G/4G, Access data from Anywhere
  9. Security: User Authentication & Access Control
  10. Analyzer can be wall/panel mounted
  11. Low Maintenance


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