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NIR Spectroscopy is a powerful technique for recognizing and characterizing physical materials through the variations in absorption or emission of different wavelengths of light by a sample. Spectrometers are used for material characterization and quality control in numerous applications. These include but are not limited to agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and the petrochemical industry for oil and gas analysis, engine fluids, manufacturing, medical, security, and law enforcement.

NIR Spectroscopy widely used to quantify Moisture, Fat and Proteins in different agriculture produces and animal feeds. Testing of variety of fruit quality and ripeness (sugar content) in post-harvest biology. There are many opportunities in the arenas of food, farming, factory automation on-site inspection, health and cosmetics. Our NIR offers to explore all of these advantages and higher performance, smaller portable solutions.
Applicable Industries
Light Source Tungsten Halogen lamps
Type of Optical system Single Beam
Monochromator Type 300 lines/mm Scanning Grating
Detector Type InGaAs
Scan Speed 3000 nm/min
Source Wavelength Range (Min-Max) 900nm – 1700nm
Wavelength Accuracy +/- 1nm
Bandwidth(nm) 10nm
Signal-to noise ratio 5000:1 in 1 second scan
Communication USB
Accessories Sample Cups


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