Easy-to-use, dependable laboratory analyzers with advanced features and functions.

LI-627, Bench top pH + EC-TDS Analyzer with Built-In Windows, Simultaneous measurement of pH, Conductivity(EC), TDS and temperature simultaneously. Records accurate and reliable pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids & temperature measurements. log up to 2000 data point sets and easily transfer data via USB
Applicable Industries
Table Top
LCD Display
  • Measures Directly pH, Ec, TDS and Temperature Simultaneously at One- Time

  • 7″ Inch Touch Display

  • Built-In Windows CE (Registered) PC

  • Auto -Logging for Continuous Monitoring

  • Storage for 1000 Samples

  • USB & TCP/IP Interface for Data Transfer

Measurement Range 2 to 14.00 pH
Resolution 0.01 pH
Accuracy ≤ 0.1 pH (± 1 digit)
Electrode Calibration 1 to 5 points calibration
(with autobuffer recognition)
Automatic Buffer Recognition pH 4.0, 7.0 & 9.2
Range 0 to 100°C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Accuracy ± 0.3°C
Normalization 15°C to 30°C
Range ± 2000.0 mV
Accuracy 0.1 mV
Resolution ± 0.2 mV


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