CL 407

Handheld Chemical Warfare Agent Detector

Portable Flame Photometric Detector


Hand-held Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Detector works on the principle of flame spectrophotometry. It detects Nerve (Gseries agents) agents and Blister (H-series agents) agents in vapors. CWA detector continuously detects atoms of phosphorous in G-series and sulfur in Hseries agents. It can detect G-series agents even if they are not pure. Detections are shown on a display screen using two LED bars. An increasing number of lit LEDs in LED bars indicate increasing concentration. An optional alarm provides an audible alarm when agent concentrations exceed a threshold.


  • Single-handed operation.
  • Response time < 5 seconds
  • Simultaneous detection for G and HD agents
  • Very short response time at high concentration
  • Highly sensitive, GB: 20 μg/m3 , HD: 500 μg/m3
  • Detects vapor, aerosols and dusty agents in the air
  • No calibration is required when start up the system.


Homeland Security

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