SA 165

Diode Array Spectrophotometer with Fiber Probe & Touch Screen enabled Built-In PC

Spectrophotometer with a multi-channel detector that permits simultaneous access to spectral data for several wavelengths simultaneously. In comparison the conventional UV-Visible detector.

SA-165 Diode-Array Spectrophotometer is a single-beam spectrophotometer. It has a 7 inch high resolution touch screen display Leveraging the power of Microsoft® Windows CE®. UV - range of 190 to 800 nm with 1.8 nm resolution. It is used when speed of measurement is essential. It is faster, more sensitive and has more precision than a conventional spectrometer due to the photo diode-array detection system. This spectrometer is ideal for kinetics.
Applicable Industries
Fast Scan
Touch Screen
  • 1024 Pixel Array based Spectrophotometer
  • Smallest form factor Spectrophotometer.
  • 7″ High Resolution Touch Screen LCD Color Graphical Display with Built in Microsoft® Windows CE®
  • Fast Scan Speed.
  • High signal to noise ratio.
  • More rugged (Minimal moving parts)
  • Lamp selection enables conserving the life of the lamps.
  • Built in advanced Data Processing capabilities
  • Supports USB printing with PCL 5e class Printer.
  • Networking Connectivity through TCP/IP Interface.


Range 190 to 800 nm
Bandwidth < 2 nm
Accuracy ± 0.5 nm with Holmium Oxide glass Filter
± 0.5 nm with 486.1 and 656.2 nm of D2 peaks
Wavelength Resolution < 0.62 nm per pixel
Resolution Test >1.4nm
Range ± 2 Abs
Accuracy ± 0.01 AU with 60 ppm Potassium Dichromate
± 0.005 AU at 440, 590nm with 0.5 AU of neutral density glass filter
± 0.01 AU at 440, 590nm with 1.0 AU of neutral density glass filter
Stability (Baseline) 0.005 AU after 15 minutes warm-up
Stay light <1% T @ 220 nm with NaI
<1% T @ 340 nm with NaNO2
Display 7″ ( 800 x 480) High resolution graphical display
Hard Copy On printer ( USB interface)
Soft Copy Mass Data Storage through USB Pen Drive
Pre aligned Deuterium Lamp (D2) & Tungsten (W) Halogen Lamp
Diode Array Detector – 1024 pixels
3 USB Ports – Can be used for Printer, Keyboard, Pen Drive and Mouse
TCP/IP Port – Network Connectivity
PC Port – PC Connectivity
Standard 2 position motorized cell holder to accommodate 10 mm Path Length Cuvettes.
Optional 2 position motorized cell holder to accommodate multi Path Length Cuvettes.
Fibre Optic Dip probe attachment.
Fibre Optic couple 10mm Path Length cell holder.


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