CL 408

24x7 Standalone Flame Photometric Detection

24 X 7 Standalone Flame Photometric Detector


The 24x7 Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) is a chemical warfare agent detector for fixed installation, which is used to detect Phosphorus, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Arsenic based compounds continuously. FPD detector detects in real time and simultaneously all category chemical warfare agents (Nerve agents, blister agents, and blood agents) and Toxic industrial chemicals (TIC). It can find all those agents under vapor and aerosol form. It will be installed at the air intake of buildings or critical infrastructures.


  • Smallest form factor Double Beam Spectrophotometer with spectral Bandwidth of <1.8nm
  • 7″ inch high resoultion touch screen display Leveraging the power of Microsoft® Windows CE®
  • Can work as a stand-alone instrument or as a PC-controlled instrument.
  • Measurment Modes : Photometric, Spectrum, Time Scan, Concentration
  • Automatic calibration and programable wavelength for lamp change over
  • Data Storage of USB Flash Drives
  • Supports USB printing with PCL 5e class printers in standalone mode
  • Networking Connectivity through TCP/IP Interface


Homeland Security

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