Reliable, simultaneous measurement of Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba

CL-378, flame photometer that is designed for the routine determination of sodium, potassium, calcium, barium and lithium concentrations. The instrument can simultaneously analyse Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba in single aspiration of the sample with proper removal of interferences.
Applicable Industries
Table Top
Touch Screen
Auto Ignition
  • 7 inch High Resolution Touch Screen LCD Color Graphical Display with Built in PC
  • Microprocessor based, User friendly, Menu driven with Printer Interface
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic gas shut off in case of power failure
  • Calibration curve programmability can be done using a maximum of 20 standards in the range of interest of the user, data processing through optional curve fitting techniques like segmental and quadratic
  • Analysis made much more simpler because of the multiple calibration curves saving facility
  • Storage for more than 800 samples
  • Optional PC compatibility with USB Interface
  • Saving Data and Retrieval of Standards & Samples
Sodium (Na) 0.5 ppm
Potassium (K) 0.5 ppm
Lithium (Li) 0.5 ppm
Calcium (Ca) 15 ppm
Barium (Ba) 50 ppm
Sodium (Na)1-100 ppm0-200 mEq
Potassium (K)1-100 ppm0-100 mEq
Lithium (Li)1-100 ppm0-10 mEq
Calcium (Ca)15-100 ppm0-5 mEq
Barium (Ba)50-1000 ppm
mEq values are claimed with appropriate dilution
LPG & Oil free dry air
Silicon Photo Diode
Sodium (Na)Better than 2%
Potassium (K)
Lithium (Li)
Calcium (Ca)
Barium (Ba)
Sodium (Na)Better than 1% CV for 20 consecutive samples.
Potassium (K)
Lithium (Li)
Calcium (Ca)
Barium (Ba)3% CV for 20 consecutive samples of Concentrations between 50 to 199 ppm.
ASPIRATION3 to 6 ml/min
With InstrumentFilters for Na, K, Air compressor with built-in air regulator, air-filter and buffer tank, 5 cc beakers, Cleaning wire and Capillary.
At extra CostFilters for Ca, Li & Ba, Printer, PC and PC Software.


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