Aquasense RC


Residual Chlorine Analyser

Aquasense RC- Amperometric

Chlorination is one of sterilization method in drinking water and industrial water, and chlorine measurement is very important to secure water quality

Aquasense RC enables the user to measure online residual chlorine with a high level of accuracy and stability in drinking water applications. The analyzer operates on proven Amperometric, which require minimal maintenance with low cost of ownership.
Applicable Industries
Stable and long-life optics
Reliable, Low maintenance design
Measuring range of 0 to 5 ppm
Realtime SMS Alerts
Integrated GPS & 4G Modules
Analysis and Reporting
Solar Power
  • Reagent free Amperometric measurement Technique 
  • Combines with pH probe for pH compensation
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • High accuracy & stability
  • Longline with inexpensive replaceable membrane and electrolyte 
  • No zero calibration
  • Reliable, Low maintenance design
  • Solar/battery powered – fully independent from main electricity supply with Batterry Box attachment
  • 60 Hours of battery backup with full charge
  • Integrated GPS & 3G/4G Modules for Location Tracking and Upload data to Cloud server
  • Remotely monitor the residual chlorine of water from a centralized platform
  • Real-time alerts over SMS
  • Customized Online Reports
  • Real time & Historical data, trends
  • Dashboards, reports, and export functionality
Residual Chlorine
Measurement Method Amperometric
Measurement Range 0-2 / 0-5 / 0-10 / 0-20 mg/L
Accuracy 0.1 ppm or ±1% of FS whichever is greater
Reproducibility ±0.05 mg/L
Response Time < 90sec
Sample Flow 30-60 L/Hr
Calibration Method One-point calibration using DPD method
General Parameters
DisplayBacklight LCD 
Standard OutputsTwo 0/4-20 mA Outputs (max load 900 ) RS-485 with Modbus
User AlarmsTwo programmable alarms (5A @ 240V)
Power Requirement230V ±10%AC. 50-60Hz, 1Φ
Enclosure materialFibre reinforced polyester
Enclosure RatingIP64 rated for outdoor installation

Process connection

Female thread G1/8 or as per site requirement

Electrical connections

Screw Terminal


Wall or Panel mounted

Cellular Network

Dual band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800MHz Multiband LTE-TDD, LTE, FDD< WCDMA SIM Card interface


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