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Mobile Water Testing Lab

Mobile Water Testing Laboratory is an effective surveillance of drinking water quality

Automated Mobile Water Testing Laboratory is an effective surveillance of drinking water quality in rural & urban areas. The lab is capable of measuring different water quality parameters. The Mobile Lab helps in quickly identifying the water quality problem on the spot at site.

Mobile testing solutions are intended to cover rapid testing of the basic water quality parameters. Mobile laboratories provide support during surveillance of rural & urban areas, natural disasters, epidemics, large scale emergencies, and refugee camps. A significant advantage of this mobile laboratory is that the tests are carried out on fresh samples whose characteristics have not been contaminated or otherwise compromised as a result of storage and transportation.
Real-time sample analysis at the site
Scalable system with configurable test parameters
Operational Alerts & Status Indicators
Vibration and Shock proof design
Built-in GPS for vehicle tracking
UPS -7hrs of un-interrupted operation
RFID based Geo-tagging with unique identification and tracking of Sample
Faster Analysis: < 10 min
High Sample Data Integrity
Security: User Authentication and Access privileges
Complete in-situ solution for simultaneous multi parameter analysis
Upload real time sample data along with Geo location to Centralized server
Graphical visualization of water quality trends geographically
  • Testing at end points
  • Fully Automated
  • Vibration & Shock Proof design
  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry, Data captured by AuqaSense Mobile App
  • Automatic Transmission of data over cellular network, The data can be shown on a live dashboards
  • Useful in emergency situations where drinking water resources are contaminated and immediate results are required
  • Integrated UPS & Generator for Un-Interrupted operation for 8 Hrs in case of emergency & natural disasters
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