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The quality of water be it water for domestic use, bottled water or even industrial effluent is subject to tight regulatory control. It is the responsibility of the producer of the water to ensure that the levels of certain analytes all fall within the limits specified in the relevant legislation. Many water producers think that checking that their water is within the statuary limits must require a full battery of sophisticated, high-tech analytical instrumentation, which is not the case in most of the scenarios.

Water Testing
 is the key for a clean future

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Water quality can no longer be taken for granted. There are many variables that can come into play: contaminated water, aging water distribution system, source of groundwater, home plumbing, etc.

Water for Industry, agriculture, domestic purposes must be tested regularly in order to keep the source of water safe and free from potential health and environmental risks.

Thanks to technological advances in modern instrumentation, thousands of harmful chemicals and biological matters can be detected in water at very low concentration levels.

Water testing results can provide instant insights and aid in determining the best course of action for any type of water sources such as rivers, lakes, ground water, process effluents, municipal water and sewage.

Water testing is not only a vital element for preserving a safe public drinking supply and a healthy environment, but it can also improve industrial process efficiency for better products at reduced cost and in agriculture for healthier crops.

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